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Welcome to the Austin AREAA- Asian Real Estate Association of America Annual Gala!

2024 Year of the Dragon!

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you!

Join us for an elegant evening of networking, celebration and Live entertainment as the Dragons Dancers perform their tradional interactive dance!

March 8th, 2024, 6pm-10pm at the Ben Hur Shriners Event Hall as we celebrate our annual Installation Gala welcoming the New AREAA board.

Look forward to hearing from keynote speakers:

Marty Mcvey – Honorary Consul General -Peoples Republic of Bangladash- Emeritus

Jennifer Stevens – Federal Lobbyst who wrote the first Human Trafficing Bill Approved

Bob Borochoff – US / China Relations Comisioner

This gala is a celebration of our history and a pledge to continue our mission of promoting sustainable homeownership opportunities in the Asian American and Pacific Islander AAPI communities

. Your attendance supports a cause that makes a real difference. As we revel in this celebration, rest assured that our food and drinks will be nothing short of amazing, ensuring an evening of endless delight and indulgence!

Purchase your tickets now for a night of joy, generosity, and community growth. Let’s come together to make this gala a memorable occasion, not just in celebration of the past, but as a powerful investment in a future where the AAPI community flourishes and strengthens its roots together.

Interested in learning more about AREAA?

You can support the AAPI community year long by joining and becoming a member of this Diverse and Vast commuinuty ! We are always looking for more volunteers and strategic partners.

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about us or reach out to Tosha Chang- [email protected]

Just click JOIN AREAA TODAY in the link below:

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