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Welcome to The Lively & Grit Daily House at SXSW 2024: Where Media Innovation Meets Human Connection

A Transformative Collaboration

In a groundbreaking partnership, Grit Daily, the champion of startup ecosystem news, joins forces with Lively, a creative innovation agency leading the way in immersive brand experiences. Together, we present The Lively & Grit Daily House at SXSW 2024, set to redefine how brands & businesses connect with their audiences by marrying deep insights into audience engagement with cutting-edge creative execution

Our Mission: Reshaping Audience Engagement

The SXSW 2024 Lively & Grit Daily House is a pivotal endeavor designed to navigate the complexities of the digital age, emphasizing the mission of “Staying Human in a Digital World.” Our collaboration educates attendees on the transformative media landscape, spotlighting the shift towards more immersive, engaging, and interactive channels, platforms, and content.

Why This Collaboration Matters

In an era of rapid technological advancement and digital overload, our partnership seeks to create a sanctuary for genuine human connection, insight, and innovation. We aim to complement SXSW’s broader themes, diving deeper into specific trends such as gaming, the metaverse, immersive brand experiences, marketing, and AI innovation, all rooted in the belief that technology should enhance, not eclipse, our humanity.

Why You Can’t Miss This

  • Unrivaled Insights: Engage with visionary panels and keynote speakers leading the charge in tech, media, and innovation.
  • Elite Networking: Connect with a handpicked audience of marketing leaders, creative influencers, policymakers and tech pioneers.
  • Cutting-Edge Demonstrations: Experience firsthand the latest breakthroughs from the worlds of AI, VR, and digital marketing.
  • Impactful Interactions: Participate in meaningful discussions with a diverse array of thought leaders shaping our digital future.

Detailed Programming Approach

Our programming spans three days, each dedicated to a different facet of digital innovation:

  • Day One: Focuses on the changing face of media and how  Gaming, Metaverse and Web3 are the new gateways to audience engagement.
  • Day Two: Explores the demand for more immersive live experiences, changing audience habits and the future of start ups.
  • Day Three: Dedicates to Technology Innovation, with a spotlight on AI and its impact on creativity.

Spotlight on Our Speakers

Featuring an unparalleled lineup of industry giants from Dell, Activision, NVIDIA, Nodel and BlueScape, and pioneering startups, along with insights from leading media channels such as USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazine. Prepare to be inspired.

About Your Hosts

Lively: Revolutionizing brand engagement through emotion-driven experiences, setting new standards for connecting brands with their audiences. Having worked with brands ranging from Spotify, Ericsson, Coinbase, The Independant and many more, Lively are leading the way when it comes to helping brands navigate the new media landscape. With a focus on live experiences and truly engaging audiences. 

Grit Daily: With a finger firmly on the pulse of the startup ecosystem, illuminating the future of industries with cutting-edge news and insights. Grit Daily have a dynamic media network as well as the ability to collaborate with leading US Media titles.

Secure Your Experience

This is your invitation to the heart of SXSW’s innovation and creativity. Space is limited for this exclusive gathering.

Venue Details

Located at the epicenter of SXSW action, 206 San Marcos St. offers easy access to all festival highlights, just a stone’s throw from the Convention Center.

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