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Pflugerville ISD police are investigating after a student and his family say he was attacked by a group of adults on a district school bus.

The attack happened at Dessau Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon when a load of summer school students was being dropped off. At least three adults got on the bus, according to Kelsie Trevino, and started attacking her son Caden, a seventh grader.

“To these people, he is 13 and there was multiple of you, and one of him, and he was telling you to stop. You continued,” said Trevino.

Images were taken of Caden’s injuries shortly after the attack. He then went to St David’s and was treated for cuts to his face, a neck sprain and a head injury. Recovering Wednesday at home, Caden told FOX 7 Austin he remembers a man and two women hitting him.

“Everybody jumped on. It wasn’t just like, so slow, you know? It was quick, quick like,” said Caden.

He tried to defend himself but was overwhelmed.

“They were like, one of them was like holding my arm, so like, I can’t move or anything. Then the girl was like, pulling my hair and the dude was punching me,” said Caden. 

Caden says it all started while riding home on the school bus. He had had some heated words with another student that he says he met for the first time on the bus. Caden said that those words did escalate into a fight.

“I should have ignored him, let things be,” said Caden.

After the two were separated, Caden said the other student called his family. When the bus stopped at Dessau Elementary, they were there and got past the driver to attack him.

“They came in so quick, a bunch of them just started running up. They pushed the bus driver… I stood on the seat, try to see if that will help to defend myself. But then the girl snatched my hair. They started punching me, dragged me from seat to seat. And then after that, they just left,” said Caden. 


Kelsie Trevino says the bus driver also let Caden go, and she found him walking along Dessau Road still dazed from the attack. She called a district transportation official who confirmed the bus security cameras recorded the incident.

“She did review that video. She said she was sorry for the horrific, her words, video she’d seen,” said Trevino.

Trevino wants the adults who hit her son to be held accountable. She understands there is also the possibility the school district may discipline Caden for his actions.

“I can accept [that] because I don’t condone behavior in my household as far as Caden being physical with anyone,” said Trevino.

District spokesperson Tamra Spence told FOX 7 Austin that the case remains under investigation, but that the Pflugerville ISD Police Department hopes to wrap up the investigation quickly.

“We are appalled at this act of violence, and our police department will be conducting a thorough investigation,” stated Spence.

A notification letter about the attack was sent to some of the middle school parents. The letter is as follows:

Dear Parents,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to inform you that an incident occurred on the school bus today. Please be assured that we are currently investigating the situation to understand what happened and to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

We understand that you may have concerns or questions regarding this matter. If you have any information that could assist us in our investigation or if you would like to discuss your concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Your child’s safety is our top priority, and we are committed to resolving this situation promptly and effectively. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Daniela Guardiola

Middle School Summer Program Principal

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