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What is Snapshot Quest?

Snapshot Quest™ is a fun, creative and challenging activity for all ages. This unique activity is a cross between a scavenger hunt, a photography competition, and a party game! All you need to participate is some creativity and your mobile device with a data connection. Interpret simple clues such as “Balancing Rocks”. Perhaps head to the beach to create a tower of pebbles. Alternatively, capture a team member on a balance board rocking out with a guitar. Caption your photo with a witty comment and maybe you’ll be ranked number one by the other teams!

Where and when does this start?

This is an ongoing event and because this game is self-guided you can play Snapshot Quest™ at any location anywhere in the world at any time – no reservations required! The game takes a minimum of one hour, but you can play for several hours or spread the game over days or weeks or longer. It’s your choice how much time you wish to spend playing. Some places that we advertise with require us to provide a specific location plus an event date and a start and end time. However, there are no restrictions on these tickets so you can still play at any time in any location.

Where do we play?

Snapshot Quest™ can be played anywhere but you will want to go out and about to get the best photos and compete in the Hall of Fame. We recommend traveling to multiple locations but there is no requirement to do so. The world is your game board!

What is the registration process?

After purchasing your ticket you MUST follow the registration instructions in your confirmation e-mail to validate your ticket. Please register online immediately after you purchase.

What is the refund policy?

Tickets are valid for 12 months at any location. All sales are final.


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