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Step into the shoes of a newly-minted detective, tasked by Commander Mahoney to solve a gripping case… murder on the streets of Pflugerville.

During this crime solving audio adventure, you’ll visit each of the 10 locations marked on the map, either in person or virtually via the web version (included).

You’ll have the choice to experience the downtown area with the walking map or go with the driving route on the outskirts of the city. *see images for exact routes

New for 2024, you’ll also have the option of exploring the downtown area from your couch while playing the web version on any browser enabled device (PC, tablet, cast to Smart TV).

Check out a demo of the web version here!

You’ll park or stop at each location, listen to the audio story and put your detective skills to the test by gathering clues and piecing together the evidence. At the end, you’ll make your deductions and issue an arrest warrant.

Your all around detective skills will be tested too, culminating in a Case Performance Score to gauge your sleuthing prowess.

Suitable for solo detectives, dynamic duos, or groups of mystery enthusiasts, this game will have you immersed in an audio tale full of intrigue.

The game awaits, detective – are you prepared to crack the case?



  • Put your sleuthing skills to the test as you set out to solve a fun murder mystery
  • Become the hero in an approx 2.5 hour experience + take breaks anytime
  • Featuring 16 unique characters voiced by professional actors & actresses
  • Get outdoors with a walking map or stay warm with a driving map or web version
  • Work as a team or compete with built in scoring system
  • Enjoy the audio story on ‘Normal’ or go full detective with ‘Hard’ mode
  • Opt for web version on any device with browser (tablet, PC, Smart TV)

* * This experience is not suitable for all ages as it contains adult material such as profanity & references to sex, violence & drug use


☝️ Please Note ➜ The number of participants you select equals the number of devices you can play the game on. ‍

✅ Walking Map / Web Version Examples ➜ Two people playing together on one device = select 1 participant. A group of four competing two vs two (two total devices) = 2 participants.

☝️ hearing the audio clearly is key to the experience. For walking maps we recommend a max of two people per device and encourage using earbuds for the best experience.

✅ Driving Map Examples ➜ choose 1 participant as the entire vehicle can listen through the car’s sound system.

☝️ to compete against each other, each player or team needs their own device in order to keep score

More info? Check out the website here

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