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Pflugerville ISD students are able to get hands-on training for EMT and fire thanks to a partnership with the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation and the Texas Workforce Commission.

This program teachers Pflugerville ISD students more than just the basics of CPR. These kids are learning how to assist in a real-life emergency.

Health science students at Henderickson High School walked FOX 7 Austin through one of their emergency response drills to show how the skills they learn in the classroom will help them be prepared for their EMT certification.

“This lab is to let them learn all about the ambulance, what goes in it, how to get in and out of it. It’s the silly things that make you feel very, not very confident when you go into these situations,” says Shay Haude, Pflugerville ISD EMT instructor.

Travis County ESD medics also assist students to teach them what they do on a day-to-day basis.


“They can step in, because they also know that it can help us learn new skills. And then it’s easier because you’re not all throwing questions at one person,” says Ava Roberts, health science student.

By the time students leave high school, they will have already gotten their EMT certification. Hannah Remus went through the program and is now employed with AMR. She says this has been a great steppingstone for her career.

“Usually, they say I make them feel old because I’m only 18 and starting out fresh in the workforce, straight out of high school. Most people start at like 20 because they have to go get their certification after high school. A lot of them are just like they wish they had that in my high school.,” says Hannah Remus, EMT graduate.

Shay Haude says the only thing students have to worry about paying for is their boots. The school will pay for the certification and uniform.

If this is something you’re interested in doing, students should reach out to their counselor about the health science pathway.

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