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Lynda Coleman, the Artistic Director of the organization, passionately believes in bridging the gap in access to arts and culture. Recognizing that many underserved communities lack the resources and opportunities to engage with the arts, she and her team have worked tirelessly to bring these experiences directly to the people.

Throughout the year, the organization focuses on providing resources and opportunities for artists to refine their craft, showcase their work, and potentially make a living from their talents.

The Unleashing Your Greatness Creative Conference, formerly known as the Annual Art, Poetry & Networking Conference was a huge success back in November 2023.

Their has been so much positive feedback and enthusiasm surrounding the Group Paintings, so Artist Lynda Coleman has decided to continue the “Paint, Poetry & Sip Series” with a Pre 50th Birthday Celebration.

There Will Be Group Paintings, Saturday & Sunday Along With Some Poetry & Spoken Word And Music.

This milestone 2 Day Event promises to be a dynamic, unique, and enjoyable way to relax, socialize, and unleash your creative side, all while having fun.

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