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Join us Sunday, March 3rd. Original Sin ATX edition. Celebrating Original Sin After-Hours DJ/Founder Vinicio Rotelli Birthday with a special surprise guest DJ/Producer, at The Garden. Starting at 9pm, till 2am. Alongside resident DJ Maria Sifontes and guest local DJ, Jared James.


About us: Original Sin After Hours / Original Sin ATX, is more than just a DJ event; it is an immersive experience designed to create unity, foster connections, and celebrate the power of music in a diverse and inclusive environment. We are confident that our events will leave a lasting impact on both attendees and the community. Vinicio Rotelli, Founder/Resident DJ of “Original Sin After Hours / Original Sin ATX” (14 years of an ongoing residency), shares an intense and passionate love wherever he performs, ONE LOVE and it is THE LOVE FOR HOUSE MUSIC! Bringing you unique and quality events, featuring top DJ/Producer since 2009. Miami, NYC, ATX and SATX.

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